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Current projects

Stuttgart Gate House 3

Following the successful completion of the RiKu Hotel in the Stuttgarter Tor Quarter, the next building block in the district development is Stuttgarter Tor Haus 3. A modern office and medical building is being built on 7 floors with a total of 4.500 m² of usable space plus an underground car park in the basement.

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Buttenhausen solar park

In Münsingen, in the Buttenhausen district, we are planning to build an open-field photovoltaic system with a total output of approx. 17 MWp. The solar farm is expected to produce around 19 million kWh of clean electricity annually - enough to supply around 11.000 people with sustainable energy.

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Magolsheim wind farm

We are planning a wind farm with probably six turbines east of Magolsheim in the Münsingen district. The E-175 type E-80 systems from the manufacturer Enercon are expected to produce around 46.000 million kWh of clean electricity, which can supply around XNUMX people.

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Arbach Park Pfullingen

Close to the city in nature. With the Arbach Park, the first CO2-neutral city district has been created in Pfullingen. This means energy security and independence thanks to geothermal energy and photovoltaics. The first 30 apartments are now available for purchase

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Asset management

Our own management company takes care of the long-term management of real estate and renewable energy projects. Currently a project volume of around EUR 550 million is being managed.

Renewable Energies Management

With our technical and commercial services, we ensure that the projects generate energy as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible over its entire service life.

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Real Estate Management / House and Rental Management

As a trustee, we manage their properties on behalf of owner companies and cover the house/rental and condominium administration.

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Real estate rental

We are leaders in the greater Reutlingen area when it comes to renting out commercial space, such as offices, medical practices, law firms, gastronomy units and retail space.

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