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Respectful, open & honest

We at Schöller SI rely on trusting, fair and constructive cooperation with you as a customer and business partner.

Ann-Kathrin Bockmann

Real estate agent in training

Andreas Dominguez

Authorized officer - Head of Marketing & Sales

Marie Gervesman

Property Management

Andrew Giannaku

Managing Director – Investment Strategy & Corporate Development

Julia Goebel

Project development / commercial rental

Jorg Hofbauer

Authorized officer / commercial management

Matthew Jeske

Authorized officer - administration of renewable energies

Julia Junginger

project development

Sirag Kartun

Head of technical project development for renewable energies

Melanie Kunstle

Project development / commercial rental (on parental leave)

Marie Langwieser

Real estate agent in training

Steffen Menacher

Authorized officer - project development / commercial leasing

Corinna Riegler

Administration of Renewable Energies

Miriam Schoeller

Authorized officer / COO renewable energies (on parental leave)

Tobias Stoll

Administration of Renewable Energies

John Wild

Head of project development for renewable energies

Hang Zeh

Transaction management (on parental leave)
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